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Cutting Edge Tech

by Magnetic Sound Design | on AudioJungle

“Cutting Edge Tech” is available here

“Cutting Edge Tech” is a high-tech electronica track perfect for YouTube videos, commercials, news, sports, finance, economics, commerce, holiday, ads and many diverse multi-media projects that require fast-paced upbeat electronic music.  Hard bass and fast percussive beats together with arpeggiated synths, pads and a dash of synth and glitchy effects all combine to produce a highly rhythmic and up-to-date energetic track that demands attention. 

For easy editing and tracking against video together with the main wav and mp3 files are 3 x loops and an end stub which make it simple to edit to your exact required length.

Your Purchase Includes: –

  • Cutting Edge Tech.wav (02:00)
  • Cutting Edge Tech.mp3 (02:00)
  • Cutting Edge Tech Loop 1.wav (00:27)
  • Cutting Edge Tech Loop 1.wav (00:41)
  • Cutting Edge Tech Loop 1.wav (00:41)
  • Cutting Edge Tech End Stub.wav (00:10)

BPM = 140.  Length = 2:00 (Main Track)

The zip file contains: – Dark Serenity Background 02:50 in both high-quality WAV and MP3 versions.

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