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80's Classic Synthwave

by Magnetic Sound Design | on AudioJungle

“80’s Classic Synthwave” is available here

“80’s Classic Synthwave” captures the classic 80’s synth sound inspired by artists of the period such as Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, OMD and others coupled with an updated electro feel.  The track was produced using several modeled analog classic 80’s synthesizers and drum machines to provide an authentic feel with modulated arpeggios and a soaring lead line. Think dark city with clouds of steam and rain-soaked streets bathed in neon!

Suitable for a wide range of projects from Advertising and YouTube to Cinematic Trailers.

For maximum versatility, I have provided two main track versions both in high-quality Wav and MP3 formats together with three perfectly looped ‘abridged’ versions in ‘Wav’ format only.

 The track is 96 BPM and in the key of Eb minor.

The zip file contains (in the order of the Preview File):-

  • 80’s Classic Synthwave_Full (Wav & MP3) 03:12
  • 80’s Classic Synthwave_Short (Wav & MP3) 01:32
  • 80’s Classic Synthwave_Loop 1 (Wav) 00:40
  • 80’s Classic Synthwave_Loop 2 (Wav) 01:05
  • 80’s Classic Synthwave_Loop 3 Ambient (Wav) 00:40

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