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Beautiful Background Ambient

by Magnetic Sound Design | on AudioJungle

“Beautiful Background Ambient” is available here

Beautiful Background Ambient” is heart-warming, modern and soft electronic ambient track with a slow tempo feel making great use of both acoustic and electronic instruments.  Its pleasing easy style allows it to stay in the background when used under a ‘voice-over’ yet, still generates a convincing mood.

It’s perfect for a wide variety of history, travel and factual documentary videos as well as time-lapse video, commercial trailers, advertising, tutorial and educational video works, cinema and film presentations, etc.  The track has several subtle sections providing plenty of forward momentum offering video editors with easy cut points to achieve a perfect match to specific video clip regions.  In addition, for added value, we have provided a total of three additional variations in addition to the main track to provide greater flexibility.

BPM = 84.

The zip file includes both high quality Wav and MP3 files for all versions: –

  • Beautiful Background Ambient Full  – 03:30 (Wav and MPs)
  • Beautiful Background Ambient 60sec  – 01:00 (Wav and MPs)
  • Beautiful Background Ambient 30sec  – 00:30 (Wav and MPs)
  • Beautiful Background Ambient 15sec  – 00:15 (Wav and MPs)

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