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Emotional Piano and Cello Alternate 1

by Magnetic Sound Design | on POND5

“Emotional Piano and Cello Alternate 1” is available here

“Emotional Piano and Cello Alternate 1” is a memorable and expressive instrumental, consisting of a silky and haunting acoustic piano lead with a poignant and moving cello and cinematic strings accompaniment.  A pensive and thoughtful track in the style of an updated Erik Satie composition.  Great for establishing a wistful and sympathetic atmosphere full of passion, longing, love, and tenderness.  Would work well as an inspirational backdrop for many projects including; advertising, documentaries, drama, YouTube and Web campaigns, etc.  Especially suited to situations where an audience is desired to have empathy with the subject matter from “the get-go”.

This track is in the key of A minor and 72BPM.


  • Emotional Piano and Cello Alternate 1 (High-Quality Wav Files) 02:27

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