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Ethnic Glitchy Electro

by Magnetic Sound Design | on AudioJungle

“Ethnic Glitchy Electro” is available here

“Ethnic Glitchy Electro” is an assertive and modern electronic track with an up-to-date glitchy ‘cut-up’ feel.

A tight hybrid fusion of electronic and organic percussion elements constantly drives the track forward with layers of edgy strings, pizzicato and acoustic guitar riffs combined with a smattering of ear candy everywhere.

The track is constantly building in short sections to provide for very easy edit points for video editors.

For maximum versatility, I have provided two main track versions both in high-quality Wav and MP3 formats.

The track is 120 BPM and in the key of D minor.

The zip file contains:-

Ethnic Glitchy Electro (Wav & MP3) 02:10

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