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Science and Technology

by Magnetic Sound Design | on AudioJungle

“Science and Technology” is available here

Science and Technology” is an up-to-date futuristic electronic music track highly suitable for science and technology-related projects. Featuring both analog and digital synth sounds, sci-fi pads and textures together with modern beats and deep basses.

It’s perfect for a wide variety of news and research programs, on subjects as diverse as; aerospace, medical health science, microbiology, data and communications, business commerce, global warming, crime and punishment, health and disease, food and nutrition, engineering, etc.

The track has several subtle sections providing plenty of forward momentum offering video editors easy cut points to achieve a perfect match to specific video clip regions.  For additional flexibility, we have also included an additional 4 x perfectly looped shorter tracks as a bonus. 

BPM = 96.

The zip file includes high quality fully mastered files: –

  • Science and Technology (both HQ MP3 and WAV versions) – 03:10
  • Science and Technology Loop 1 (HQ WAV) – 01:00
  • Science and Technology Loop 2 (HQ WAV) – 00:25
  • Science and Technology Loop 3 (HQ WAV) – 01:00
  • Science and Technology Loop 4 (HQ WAV) – 00:40

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